Friday, February 8, 2013

Animate / Inanimate

I tried to be original and choose something that would be funny or cool mixed with an animal, but it was hard to come up with twenty different things.

Animate – Squirrel, Goldfish, Flies, Bearded Dragon, Giraffe, Baby turtle, Monkey, Shark, Frog, Ladybug,  Elephant, Cow, Owl, Parrot,  Octopus, Eagle, Sea horse, Koala Bear, Boar, and Puffer fish.  
Inanimate- Cane, Pipe, Volleyball, Hockey stick, F-22 jet & F-35 jet, Mug, Fire hydrant, Toy dino, Yellow mustang, Camera, Strawberry & pineapple, Water droplet, Tower, Glasses, Speaker / Microphone, pencil, Roller coaster, Dice, Skateboard, Banana pill, and Psychologist chair.

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